The agent shall take verso sealed receipt for the money which he gives puro the merchant

62. If he do not plant as an orchard the field which was given preciso him, if corn be the produce of the field, for the years during which it has been neglected, the gardener shall measure out to the owner of the field (such produce) on the basis of the adjacent fields, and he shall perform the required sistema on the field and he shall restore it preciso the owner of the field.

63. If the field be unreclaimed, he shall perform the required rete informatica on the field and he shall restore it onesto the owner of the field and he shall measure out ten GUR of grain verso ten GAN for each year.

64. If per man give his orchard to per gardener to manage, the gardener shall give sicuro the owner of the orchard two-thirds of the produce of the orchard, as long as he is mediante possession of the orchard; he himself shall take one-third.

65. If the gardener do not properly manage the orchard and he diminish the produce, the gardener shall measure out the produce of the orchard on the basis of the adjacent orchards.

100. … he shall write down the interest on the money, as much as he has obtained, and he shall reckon its days and he shall make returns esatto his merchant.

101. If he do not meet with success where he goes, the agent shall double the amount of money obtained and he shall pay militarycupid it preciso the merchant.

If an agent obtain money from per merchant and have verso dispute with the merchant (i

103. If, when he goes on a journey, an enemy rob him of whatever he was carrying, the agent shall take an oath con the name of god and go free.

104. If verso merchant give puro an agent grain, wool, oil or goods of any kind with which esatto trade, the agent shall write down the value and return (the money) onesto the merchant.

105. If the agent be careless and do not take per receipt for the money which he has given puro the merchant, the money not receipted for shall not be placed esatto his account.

If verso merchant give money esatto an agent as verso favor, and the latter meet with per reverse where he goes, he shall return the principal of the money esatto the merchant

106. di nuovo., deny the fact), that merchant shall call the agent puro account sopra the presence of god and witnesses for the money obtained and the agent shall give puro the merchant threefold the amount of money which he obtained.

107. If verso merchant lend preciso an agent and the agent return sicuro the merchant whatever the merchant had given him; and if the merchant deny (receiving) what the agent has given puro him, that agent shall call the merchant preciso account per the presence of god and witnesses and the merchant, because he has had per dispute with his agent, shall give to him sixfold the amount which he has obtained.

108. If per wine-seller do not receive grain as the price of cocktail, but if she receive money by the great stone, or make the measure for party smaller than the measure for corn, they shall call that wine-seller preciso account, and they shall throw her into the scodella.

109. If outlaws collect per the house of a wine-seller, and she do not arrest those outlaws and bring them puro the palace, that wine-seller shall be put preciso death.